Attention Coach Packet by Front Rush Users


Last revised: June 20, 2021


Over the last year, we have been working to create the new Coach Packet 3 app that will provide the best on-site and virtual recruiting experience for you and your staff. The new app has been released for iOS devices, and will be released for Android devices in the coming weeks. We are excited about the feedback we have received from coaches who have tested the new version. In the meantime, we have begun the process to shut down Coach Packet by Front Rush and will be doing so in stages. The first step is to turn off the video platform in the old app. All events with video from 2019-present have been added to Coach Packet by NCSA and are accessible at Please only view video at this site, as no notes or tags will be transferred. Please take your notes inside Coach Packet 3.


What does this mean for me? 

When the new app is available (June 2021), we will transition to using the new app. On June 30, 2021 we will shut down Coach Packet by Front Rush, and you will temporarily lose any/all access to your Coach Packet by Front Rush account and will be unable to log in to your account via mobile app or web browser. Our teams are busy transferring accounts to the new platform - which means when that data migration has been completed, you will be able to access all your past events, saved notes, tags, and athlete/roster information inside the new Coach Packet 3 by NCSA. If you are a current Coach Packet by Front Rush user and you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us at

Why should I download Coach Packet 3 by NCSA? 

The most important reason for you to download Coach Packet 3 by NCSA right now is that it's the Coach Packet replacement and will give you access to the full schedule of events in 2021 - event rosters and data - all with the offline access many coaches asked for. The app is free to download and there is no cost to attend most recruiting events. Coach Packet 3 by NCSA provides you with digital access to the athletes and roster data you are used to getting from Front Rush with a few additional bonuses: 

  • Integration with NCSA recruiting profiles, including highlight videos, transcripts, contact info and more 

  • Access schedules and roster data ahead of each event to maximize your time  

  • Collaborate with your staff by sharing and comparing notes, rankings and more in real-time: tags and notes auto-sync in the app 

  • The preferred digital recruiting tool of dozens of NCSA partners, including national governing bodies and tournament organizations

I am a current Coach Packet by NCSA user. Do I have to do anything? 

Coach Packet 3 by NCSA is a major version upgrade, and it's now available for  iOS and Android users to download. If you are a former Coach Packet by NCSA user, this new version will require you to install a new app to your device. See download links on the home page of this site. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out for support at